Health and Wellness: How to Win Programmatically

Point-of-care patient education media company AccentHeathrecently announced that they acquired PageScience, a programmatic advertising and targeting company for pharmaceutical marketers. This acquisition signifies the merging worlds of health care and technology. From diagnosing an illness to learning how to make the perfect quinoa, consumers are instinctively using the digital stratosphere to achieve and maintain wellness. Thanks to this level of awareness, brands now have an opportunity to deliver creative content programmatically which can not only resonate with consumers but have a lasting impact.  Here are some helpful tips for running your sensitive ads programmatically.

Run with publishers who are brand-safe

Thoroughly vetted publishers are a crucial component of your programmatic campaign. The option to blacklist sites of your choice should always be leveraged within programmatic advertising strategy. Sensitive O-T-C, prescription drug and wellness-centered ads must be published on approved quality sites.

Make sure it’s viewable

Always ensure that your ads will be in view for the desired amount of time. Wellness and prescription ads tend to have a few more guidelines to follow than most verticals. Time in view is an important metric to consider when reviewing campaign capabilities so that the Important Safety Information (ISI) is seen.
Pro tip: 33Across Real Impact ads average 63 seconds ad view time.

Use high impact ads

Incorporating high-impact ads into your programmatic strategy helps achieve brand recognition, educate,  and at times can also entertain consumers. They tend to drive a higher response rate than traditional ads and increase interaction among viewers.

Target your demographic

The strict CPAs for health and wellness campaigns makes targeting your key demographic crucial. This is a great opportunity to think outside the box, work with unique publishers and target consumers in new ways. Did you know that 33Across offers curated deals to reach targeted audiences without an additional fee for data?

Incorporate video

Video is the hottest form of advertising. According to eMarketer, by the year 2020 $28 billion will be spent on digital video. Including video in your programmatic strategy is a great way to engage your audience.

For more information on how to create powerful programmatic health care campaigns contact 33Across today to find out how we can get your ads 100% in-view by the right audience, with scale!