3 tips for Publishers to Monetize and Beat the Q1 Blues

Winter has officially arrived. The days are shorter and temperatures are low, but that doesn’t mean your fill rate has to be. Coming off of a profitable holiday season, we know that Q1 can be a challenging time for publishers to monetize. Rest assured there is a way to get through the season. Here are a few tips:

Be Conservative
Take a deep breath, we’re not talking politics. Historically January and February have always been tough months for publishers. Modify your goals to account for these slow times, identify your peak season, and be prepared for projected high-traffic times.

Be Flexible
Try not to get stuck on a certain scenario. Adjusting your current CPM to a lower amount could actually make you more money since it opens the door for more buyers. Testing different types of ad units including outstream video is another profitable option to consider during Q1.

Stay Positive
Q1 will not last forever. In addition to monetizing, this is also a great time to plan your content, assess your demographic, and plan the year ahead. Hang in there, more fill is on the way!