IAB 2017: The call for Quality and Transparency

Earlier this week during Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) annual conference, attendees including myself were called on to provide a better experience across the entire ad tech ecosystem. The need for better quality and the demand for transparency was heard loud and clear. At IAB, I learned that there are steps we all can take to ensure standards are both set and met, here are a few below.

Control content quality
Consumers not only need to have a better user experience, but better content also. With that, editorial teams should have a voice within the ad tech ecosystem. Ultimately they are the ones creating user engagement, therefore they should be able to defend content quality.

Cure blindness
The days of going on the open exchange and simply launching a campaign are dwindling. We need to get away from blind networks and exchange buying. Throughout the stages of launching a campaign, blind spots should be kept to a minimal.  Agencies should get away from blind site lists and do more PMP buying. Advertisers should also utilize white lists and have direct publisher relationships.

Adopt one viewability standard
Advertisers want to see a consistent viewability standard that can be 3rd party verified against all platforms. Becoming TAG-certified and taking all necessary measures to prevent fraud is the best route. Implementing 3rdparty verification adds credibility in the eyes of outside parties.

Unprofitable agencies are not good for anyone
In the past, some agencies have been able to take advantage of advertisers through blind contracts. Agencies should provide transparency to ensure both sides of the business are set up to succeed. Advertisers would like to sit down with agencies to create a new transparency standard. Doing this would build trust and actually help agencies gain more business.

Insights needed
Programmatic network partners should provide data insights to one another. Data insights enable smarter targeting that will influence the strategic process.  Advertisers should also mine their own data and bring insights to the forefront of planning. An agency will find this to be the valuable and will want to work with you.

This year’s IAB revealed that there are clear ways in which we can build a better ecosystem within ad tech. While there will be challenges ahead, we’ll make the best progress by tackling issues one at a time. Happier users, publishers, and advertisers should be everyone’s ultimate goal.