Digiday Publishing Summit: Let’s focus on Content

Publishers are at a crossroads between quality and quantity. Issues including fake news and pressure from the demand-side are keeping publishers up at night. Last week at Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, the publishers’ need to create high-quality content was consistent across presentations and discussions. Establishing a unique voice within the ad tech ecosystem could be a game changer, publishers win when they create compelling content.

Stay True
Publishers should create content that focuses on their strongest verticals. Viewers trust sites with a laser focus on certain views and topics. Advertisers also want their ads to show up on up on authentic sites with loyal viewers. When publishers commit to content they believe in, everyone wins.

Don’t Deny Display
Publishers should take full advantage of display advertising. Running high impact display ads which have the potential to increase revenue through higher CPMs, compliments a standard IAB strategy. Going programmatic is another option to consider. While the CPMs may not be as high as direct sales, programmatic offers publishers better fill overall.

Mobile Is Still Growing
Although mobile may not perform as well as desktop, publishers seem to be utilizing more mobile video advertising due to high engagement rates. With internet traffic gradually shifting to mobile devices, poor monetization of mobile video is a major concern for publishers. Patience is key, mobile will soon generate revenue publishers can appreciate.

Being flexible and understanding how to strategically use a variety of ad formats is key. Moreover, establishing a unique voice in a world of repetition could be the winning factor for publishers.