Friday Fives: Amey Bordikar, VP, Engineering Talks Diversity and Netflix Binges

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an engineer at growing ad tech company? Of course you have! In this edition of Friday Fives we’re featuring Amey Bordikar, our VP of Engineering. From ad tech challenges to recruitment efforts, Amey gives us the deets on all things engineering, and Netflix binge-watching.

What are the biggest challenges for ad tech engineers right now?
Continuously combining new trends (e.g. native advertising and transparency) and making them work together all while building scalable products that will impact ad tech’s future.

As ad tech companies constantly evolve, how does the constant evolution of ad tech company growth affect engineers?
Engineering teams are getting larger, becoming more competitive, and having to adapt quickly to new trends. There is also an evolution in threats from bots, ad blockers, and changes to privacy laws. As engineers, we work diligently to mitigate threats, come up with new solutions, and implement standards.

The lack of diversity in technology has been the subject of numerous headlines, what do you think could be done to improve diversity in technology?
Dedicated programs, incentives for certain groups, and even scholarships all work together to create a more diverse population within ad tech. At 33Across we post job openings in specialized boards, allow flexible work schedules, and provide engineering training to folks within the company. There is still a ways to go; however, these small strides have resulted in amulti-cultural engineering team that is 33% women.

What do you think companies can do to become more “engineer-friendly?”
Offer more than good pay and perks. Companies should allow engineers to lead the innovation process. Magic happens when engineers are able to be a part of the building process. This level of responsibility also gives engineers a great sense of achievement.

Are you currently binge-watching any TV shows? If so which ones?
Sherlock, seasons three and four on Netflix. I also love Benedict Cumberbatch.