Ads.txt | Be Part of the Solution

Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab launched ads.txt to help increase transparency within the programmatic ecosystem. Ads.txt gives publishers better control over their inventory and in return protects buyers against unauthorized sellers. To help increase industry adoption, 33Across has communicated to our publisher partners to implement the ads.txt file to their site domain.  Ads.txt will also help publishers avoid experiencing a dip in revenue by being classified as an unauthorized seller.

Read the quick ads.txt FAQ for more information:

What is ads.txt?
  • Ads.txt ensures that only authorized partners can represent your site’s supply through increased transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem
  • Publishers create a public record of their authorized partners in a simple .txt file
Why would sites want to implement ads.txt?
  • By identifying authorized selling partners, your site will reduce the possibility of unauthorized partners spoofing your supply and funneling revenue to an unidentified source
  • With increased adoption of the ads.txt spec in the marketplace, authorized sites should see an increase in revenue
  • Unauthorized sites will experience a decrease in revenue, fill, and CPMs so please make sure you implement the txt file immediately
How can sites implement ads.txt and declare 33Across as an authorized selling partner?
  • Create an ads.txt file and add it to your site’s root domain directory
  • Add lines shown on this ads.txt example (Note: Be sure to change the header to reflect your domain name e.g. #Ads.txt
  • New lines from additional partners should be added before the first line or after the second line

Questions? Contact pubsolutions@33across to learn more or check out the IAB’s full documentation here.