Successfully Monetizing in a World of Better Ads

We’re sure you’ve heard the news. Starting Thursday, February 15, Google will begin to block ads deemed intrusive by the Better Ads Coalition (CBA). After surveying over 25,000 Internet users, the CBA determined that some ad types including auto-play videos and takeovers fell below the threshold of consumer acceptability. This extensive research resulted in the Better Ads Standards.

To regain the trust of viewers, a number of ads will be blocked from Google’s Chrome browser per the standards. While these new standards may seem challenging, there is opportunity. By being thoughtful about Better Ads compliance, publishers can actually expand monetization opportunities while also improving their user’s experience.

Opportunity to better connect with viewers
Better ad experiences keep viewers on pages longer- making them more inclined to interact with the ad itself. With the Better Ads Standards in place, “annoying” ads will be blocked, giving viewers an improved user experience. Since Google is already blocking certain ads, viewers will also be less inclined to use their own 3rd party ad blocker.

Perform a system check
This is the perfect time for you to ensure that your sites fall in line with the Better Ads Standards. In case you are wondering where you stand, you can always run a test on your site using the Google’s Ad Experience Report.

Test new approaches
33Across publishers are in a great place since of our ad units are compliant with the new standards. With regard to the particularly tricky challenge of monetizing smaller mobile ad environments, we encourage you to test our Mobile Adhesion unit as well as our new Mobile Scroller.

Ready to learn more?
Below are a list of additional resources to assist you with getting better acclimated with the Better Ads Coalition:

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