Last Week Today: Ad blockers, Curated Marketplaces, and Blockchain Technology Combatting Ad Fraud

What was the buzz around the office last week? More good news about Google’s ad blocker, curated marketplaces are booming, and how blockchain technology could combat ad fraud.

1. Is Google’s ad blocker great for brands?


When Google’s new ad blocker went live back in February, the industry wondered how the new regulations would impact ad tech. MediaPost suggests that the new regulations gets rid of cheap, loud, and annoying ads while making room for ads that are high quality and trustworthy. With American adults consuming over 12 hours of media a day, Better Ads Standards could serve as a great opportunity for brands to build better relationships with consumers.

2. Curated Marketplaces are the way to go


Curated marketplaces are taking the PMP world by storm. Giving buyers the ability to discover audiences based on shared attributes across a number of publishers, curated marketplaces accounted for 20% of total PMP spend. They also create leverage for buyers while allowing them to specify criteria including age requirements and viewability standards. These types of deals also create more monetization opportunities for publishers, AdExchanger explains more.

3. Blockchain technology and ad fraud


<h5″>Ad tech may be looking towards blockchain technology to fight against ad fraud. With its incorruptible abilities, blockchain could verify and guarantee that a real person instead of a bot views an ad. While this could exciting news for viewability standards, Forbes discusses the pros of blockchain as well as the cons including how bad actors could possibility manipulate the system in order to drive transactions.