3 Tips to Drive Memorial Day Campaign ROI

Summer’s unofficial start is upon us. Before you fire up the grill or hit the beach, make sure you have the right approach to add some extra sizzle to your holiday campaigns. With retail traffic increasing 73% during the summer holiday season, now is the perfect time to focus on strategies for quickly reaching and influencing online consumers at scale.

To help, here are three tips to make sure you’re leveraging the full power of programmatic media buying:

  1. Leverage fresh, quality data: Targeting in-market shopper and interest segments is a great way to maximize the ROI of your campaign, however, the window for many intender segments can be narrow and the accuracy of interest segments is often inconsistent. Therefore, it’s critical to vet your data suppliers and their approach. Fresh, quality data is key to ensure relevance, and results.
  2. Think Cross-Platform: Memorial Day shoppers are a segment on the go. Boosting mobile reach can ensure you stay in front of prospects throughout the purchase process. Make sure you’re tapping into quality mobile supply as well as leveraging creative designed for the small screen.
  3. Find quality at scale: There won’t be shortage of competitive offers this Memorial Day. Highly viewable placements and quality inventory are critical to break through the clutter. That said, it’s critical to strike an appropriate balance don’t limit handicap sales efforts with creative that won’t scale or overly restrictive whitelisting strategies.

If you’re Interested in learning more about how to get your Summer promotions off on the right foot, and how 33Across can help, make sure to download our Memorial Day Guide or contact [email protected] to learn more.

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