Friday Fives: Our SVP of Operations and Analytics Talks Monetization, Improving Yield, and His Love Of Napa Valley

Within ad tech, publishers are always thinking of ways to increase monetization. In order for these strides to occur, analytics must sit center stage within the process. Matt Meyer, our SVP of Operations and Analytics understands the challenges publishers face. For this Friday Fives, Matt breaks down how publishers can increase yield, GDPR effects on yield, and the career he would have had if he didn’t work in ad tech.

What are some low-hanging fruit suggestions that you may have for publishers who are interested in increasing monetization?
Do not default to “set it and forget it” strategies. Test, Measure, Repeat. Ad tech remains one of the fastest-growing industries with all aspects evolving at a rapid pace. What gets measured gets built, so as your monetization strategy evolves you must be diligent with your performance tracking. Active monetization strategies are best; average efforts will garner average results. 

What types of product(s) do you see being developed that will make ad tech more profitable?
A push to quality is already underway and will continue to be a critical part of the ecosystem. Any product looking to increase consumer attention, root out fraud, or cut out any other waste will be welcomed. More effective dollars in the market will increase marketing budgets.


SVP of Operations and Analytics

What are some skills needed to do your job?
You have got to be a problem-solver. As ad tech evolves, you need to constantly learn how to apply your knowledge base to new products and technologies. There is no manual so you’ll need to roll-up your sleeves and be creative in understanding all the pieces of the puzzle in hopes of solving it.

With regulations including GDPR, how do you think ad tech companies can improve their yield moving forward?
Yield will improve by providing real value to the market through their product offerings. If your product is solving a real marketplace problem there will be a seat at the table for you. If you’re just a pretender or taking advantage of market inefficiencies,you’ll be weeded out.

If you didn’t work in ad tech, what type of work would you be doing?
I love wine and one of the most magical places in the world is the Napa Valley. If I wasn’t in ad tech, I would be operating my own boutique winery in that region. Though I don’t have a name yet picked out, I would focus on the Merlot varietal,. This was once a very popular grape in that region until the movie Sideways tarnished its image.