Last Week Today: Leveraging Data Post-GDPR, Managing the Tech Stack, and Spending Big on Back-To-School

What was the buzz around the office last week? How brands must approach using data post-GDPR, how publishers can better manage their tech stack, and big spending on back-to-school data segments.

1. Delicately dealing with data

Brands and consumers are now thinking of data in a totally different way. Gone are the days where consumers willingly give up their information to a company in exchange for a free service. Brands must now be more strategic with how they collect and leverage personal information from consumers. Many consumers are requesting full transparency from companies on how their data is being used. Forbes explains how creating trust and a better user experience is critical for advertisers to maintain a positive relationship while collecting data post-GDPR

2. Publishers taking control of their stack


With so many partners in a stack to keep track of, publishers may feel overwhelmed with managing them all. Despite the moving parts of the ad tech ecosystem, there are steps publishers can take to increase transparency and regain control of their inventory amongst a number of a platform partners. AdExchanger suggest that publishers should routinely audit their tech stack, regulate the number of partners that use data, and thorough evaluate the fees that their being charged.

3. U.S. spends big on back-to-school

Back-to-school data segments are all the craze in the U.S. When compared with the U.K., advertisers in the U.S. spent twice as much on back-to-school campaigns. According to data from Eyeota, Electronics and Computers advertisers drew a majority of the increase. MediaPost breaks down back-to-school data in greater detail including how sociodemographic data accounted for 94% in spend.