Our New Adaptor Makes Header Bidding Even Better

Here’s How…

According to industry estimates, header bidding penetration in the US has surpassed 70 percent among the top 1,000 properties. Publishers have seen the benefits of increased competition for their inventory as well as additional insights. Yet, ensuring quality impressions are properly differentiated can still be a complex and difficult exercise.

Introducing the 33Across Viewable Header Bidding Adaptor: one of the industry’s first header bidding solutions to surface a real-time viewability signal for every impression. Publishers that download this latest version of our Header Bidding Adaptor get a direct connection to our viewability-driven exchange, AttentionX™.

On the buyer front, our Viewable Header Bidding Adaptor is one of only Prebid solutions that offers both baseline viewability and time-in-view metrics through the bid stream in real-time. The goal is to arm buyers with the information they need to correctly value the impressions (and audiences) that our publisher partners cultivate.

When we built the AttentionX exchange, we knew we needed a solution that would allow more intelligent bidding for viewable impressions within the publisher’s header. This new adaptor is that solution.

Publishers currently using our tag based solution are already enjoying the benefits of these enhanced connections to buyers. Existing 33Across Header Bidding publishers simply need to update their integration to the latest version of our adaptor. Publishers looking to get up and running with our tag-based or Header Bidding solution should contact our account team to get started.