Winning the Fight for Consumer Attention | Video Series

We recently hosted a dynamic roundtable of digital advertising leaders to discuss the industry’s fight for consumer attention, including current viewability standards and efforts to move beyond them. We were fortunate to capture an amazing cross-section of expertise from the agency, publisher, brand, and platform perspectives. Below are four of our favorite clips from the event.

1) The State of Viewability
We kicked off our roundtable by discussing the current standard and whether viewability is actually the best proxy for measuring quality attention.

2) The Evolution of Attention Metrics
If not viewability, then what? Our expert panel discusses other optimization levers for quality and attention being used across display, video, and in-app advertising.

3) Evaluating Programmatic Effectiveness
It’s hard to value attention without clear and consistent ways to measure success. In this clip, our panel discusses the current realities of measurement and managing to KPIs.

4) Driving Digital Media Forward
After much focus on some of digital marketing’s shortcomings, our participants shared their views on what needs to be done to drive the industry forward and create a more sustainable future.

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