Make the most of the $36 Billion Memorial Day opportunity

Last year Memorial Day was slated to be the second largest retail season after the Q4 Holiday Season. With an estimated $36 Billion in spend, Memorial Day has become more than just for grilling and chilling. Before you turn on your out of office, make sure you have the right approach to add some extra sizzle to your Memorial Day campaigns.

Programmatic media buying can be a powerful tactic for scaling and optimizing your holiday advertising, but not all approaches are created equal. To get you started, here are three ways to make sure you’re leveraging the full power of programmatic:

1. Breakthrough Formats:
Most Memorial Day Shoppers are on the go and bombarded with competing holiday promotions. Innovative creative formats help breakthrough the noise and maximize time-in-view and performance across devices. 33Across’ Impact Ads can help you accomplish this while using standard creative formats to maximize scale and efficiency.

2. Fresh Shopper Data:
Since the Memorial Day shopping window is relatively short, you need to make sure you have fresh intent data to power your campaigns. Our Attention-Powered Audiences are built from more than 30 billion intent signals from 1 million website partners, and can be utilized on our exchange and beyond.

3. Quality Inventory at Scale:
With an estimated 74M adults participating in Memorial Day Promotions, make sure that you’re tapping into quality supply to reach shoppers throughout the purchase process. 33Across’ AttentionX exchange has direct connections to more than 1,500 publishers that are continually vetted for fraud and viewability.


If you’re Interested in learning more about how to get your summer promotions off on the right foot, and how 33Across can help, make sure to download our Memorial Day Guide or contact [email protected] to learn more.

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