A New Standard for Programmatic Transparency

As the programmatic supply chain grows more complex, buyers have become increasingly concerned about protecting themselves against fraudulent inventory and ensuring they’re taking the most efficient path to every impression. At 33Across, we’ve been working hard to provide buyers with as much transparency as possible surrounding our supply relationships. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’re now compliant with the IAB Tech Lab’s two latest specifications aimed at increasing trust in the supply chain: sellers.json and the OpenRTB SupplyChain object.

These new specifications are designed to work together to provide buyers with a more complete picture of the supply chain. Sellers.json is a file that makes it easier for buyers to map back all entities behind a specific ad opportunity. The SupplyChain object provides a mechanism for identifying all entities that participated in a given RTB bid request. You can learn more about both of these new specifications here.

We’ll be working with our DSP partners to ensure that 33Across buyers are able to take advantage of these changes to maximize transparency at scale across our platform. We’re excited to see the industry rallying around standards that will help everyone make the most of their programmatic investment and look forward to collaborating with our partners to help drive these changes.