How to Have a Holly Jolly Q4

It’s that magical time of year for digital advertising, and while you’re most likely putting your final touches on your marketing strategies, there’s one you should not gloss over. With a shorter holiday season, having the right programmatic strategy is more important than ever.

If there are two main themes to consider this holiday season it’s having the right inventory and data to make sure you’re maximizing every opportunity to drive impact.

It’s time to up the ante

With 6 less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is not the time to shortchange your campaigns. Using quality high-impact placements will help boost campaign performance and drive conversions. If performance is a priority, time-in-view should not be overlooked. With more studies revealing how a difference of several seconds can drive exponential performance, it’s not surprising that major brands are incorporating time-in-view in their media plans. Mobile retail sales will also continue to grow so be sure you work with programmatic inventory partners that balance impact and user experience.

There’s data and then there’s fresh data

Most savvy buyers know that not all data is created equal. If you’re relying on 3rd party data for your holiday campaigns, freshness and quality are critical. This is especially true when dealing with intent segments for holiday buyers. After all, stale data won’t help much for products with a one-week purchase cycle.

One stop shopping for quality inventory

‘Tis the season to treat yourself. By that I mean, save yourself the time, energy, and heartache of creating private marketplace deals just to hit basic quality metrics. Finding the shortest path to quality supply will reap rewards once you eliminate the need to add basic quality filters on inventory. Not only will you increase scale when working with partners dedicated to quality but you’ll also increase efficiency since placements on higher quality sites tend to drive higher conversions.

Take a look at our quick guide for more insight on how you can capture holiday shoppers’ attention.

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