AdExchanger Podcast: Attention, Not Impressions

As one of the longest, if not the longest, tenured CEO of an ad tech start-up, Eric Wheeler’s tale of 33Across is filled with both challenges and triumph but there is one overarching theme: quality should be at the heart of everything you do. 33Across Founder and CEO, Eric Wheeler, spoke with Zach Rodgers in an episode of the AdExchanger Talks podcast.

Eric explained that, although 33Across saw rapid growth in its early days, an almost overnight shift in the digital advertising landscape caused the company to seriously rethink its technology and business model. As programmatic advertising started to take off, 33Across needed to figure out how to offer value seamlessly within this new buying paradigm. The solution? Enabling its highly viewable ad formats to run programmatically. This concept helped advertisers solve for viewability, and in turn performance, while publishers were able to maximize the value of their audiences.

Today, the quest to deliver quality attention at scale has led the company to create its own viewable exchange, AttentionX™. AttentionX allows buyers who want to capture consumers’ attention to maximize time-in-view and even purchase inventory based on minimum time increments.

The biggest correlation to drive attention and response out of an ad – either direct or brand response – is time.

You can listen to the complete podcast below, or via AdExchanger, to hear more about the evolution of 33Across and Eric’s 2020 predictions.