3 Ways to Deal ID Like A Boss

Programmatic buying has become advertising’s essential workhorse. There’s minimal contact, you have the potential to reach vast audiences, and it can be extremely efficient; however, that’s not to say that figuring out how to navigate it is a breeze.

During a time when there’s a lot of uncertainty across the industry, we want you to know that we’re here to help you look good. No hidden costs, no need for extra bells and whistles, just performance.

We created a quick 3 step overview of three helpful ways that you can employ 33Across Deal IDs.

Goal 1: You need Viewable Inventory At Scale (or lots of eyeballs on your ad)
Strategy: High engagement and viewability at scale

If your main KPI is viewability at scale, we’ve got you covered. Our technology scores our inventory for viewability and fraud prior to the bid request allowing you to hit your viewability goals without wasting your media budget.
Our formats and attention technology surpass industry standards for time-in-view, engagement, and ROAS. Take a look at our creative gallery and case studies to learn more.

Goal 2: Audience Targeting – Without the extra fees
Strategy: Efficiently target a specific audience

Adding audience targeting can either be costly or limits the ability to reach your audience. When targeting 33Across inventory you can apply our audiences segments to help increase campaign efficiency since there is no additional cost. Simply choose from one of our 900 prebuilt audience segments to your deal.

Goal 3: Contextual Targeting
Strategy: URL & Keyword level contextual categorization

Contextual targeting is an excellent way to creatively uncover new audiences since, for example unsuspecting news sites may reach your campaign’s fashionistas in their style section. 33Across can help you target your campaign against contextually relevant content dynamically pulled from over 20,000 publishers and hone in on categories specific to your campaign.

For some campaigns, it may make sense to create all 3 Deal Types to increase scale and test to see which tactic is optimal. The 33Across Activation Team is always available to help advise you which tactics will garner the best results. To get started contact your 33Across representative or reach out to [email protected].