Cookies Have Extended Their Stay Until 2024, but What About Today’s Unaddressable Inventory?

The industry is buzzing with Google’s recent announcement that it’s extending the cookie’s stay until 2024. While many are not that surprised, most are relieved, and some are concerned, one fact remains the same – outside of Chrome, approximately half of the internet operates on Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. For publishers, that’s a gaping hole in their wallets and for demand partners, and that hole translates into missed campaign opportunities.

When we launched Lexicon, we aimed to solve today’s addressability problem – that 50% of the open internet is already cookieless. So far, we’ve helped publishers seamlessly monetize their unaddressable inventory and buyers target and measure users in cookieless environments at programmatic scale.

We’re working with partners across the programmatic ecosystem to make the open web work in a way that’s seamless, efficient, and privacy compliant – without the use of third-party cookies. 

While Google extending its deadline probably helps all parties to be more prepared, the fact remains that cookies were never a great vehicle for many of its current uses. We’re excited that Lexicon is helping leading publishers, brands, and platforms to deliver scaled programmatic returns across the open web without cookies today, tomorrow, and whenever they finally cease to exist.

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By: Eric Wheeler | CEO at 33Across