Closing Out 2022: A Year of Victory for 33Across

It’s hard to believe that we are officially closing out 2022 (where did the time go?).

This year has been an exciting time for 33Across as the business pivoted into an industry-leading identity solution. Being in rapid growth is a positive challenge, but we needed to make sure that we operated efficiently, maintained product integrity, and remained competitive (all while keeping company morale high).

We expanded product and engineering efforts, adjusted marketing tactics and messaging, and significantly grew the team across all departments (by a whopping 51%!) during an extremely competitive hiring market. Additionally, our Executive, HR, and Finance teams continued their efforts to make the 2021 transition to a fully-remote environment a smooth one.

Alongside our company’s growth, our people and culture efforts have proven to be valuable and a way to keep our team tight-knit despite being fully remote. The 33Across Culture Committee, officially formed in 2021, have continued to work diligently to create opportunities for employee engagement, social responsibility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives company-wide. Here are some of those efforts from this year:

1. Inclusive Conversations:
We started our Inclusive Conversations series to highlight and amplify minority voices in the ad tech space. Thus far, we have created 4 Inclusive Conversations series (with more to come):

2. The second annual company Spirit Week:

In August, we hosted our second virtual Spirit Week. Check out all the details of the week-long event here.

3. Virtual games/challenges and more:

We have hosted monthly virtual games and challenges that have helped our team to connect, despite being remote. This year alone, we have hosted virtual Black Jack, Taboo, Halloween-themed competitions (such as costume and spooky drink competitions), and so much more.

33Across_Some of this year’s Halloween costume features


A special shoutout to the entire 33Across Culture Committee for all of your hard work this year!

As we look ahead to 2023, we look forward to continued company growth and diversity and inclusion efforts as well as continuing our traditions of connecting our team.

With that being said, happy holidays from our team to yours! We wish you the very best in the new year.


By: Avalon Benoit | People & Culture Manager at 33Across