How Cookie Alternative Inventory Helped Salvage a Rocky Q4

Q4 2022 was challenging compared to prior years due to low consumer spending caused by inflation. Despite this, cookie alternative inventory helped save a disappointing Q4, giving advertisers greater efficiency and publishers increased incremental revenue.

The 33Across Programmatic Cookie Alternative Trends Report highlights buy-side and sell-side cookie alternative trends on the 33Across exchange during Q4 2022.

Specifically, the report answers the following questions:

Programmatic Advertisers:

  • Which advertising vertical purchased the most cookie alternative inventory?
  • What was the share of programmatic buying for each advertising vertical by cookie-state and how is this trending?
  • How do cookie alternative CPMs compare to cookied CPMs for advertising verticals?


    • Which content categories monetized the most cookie alternative supply?
    • What was the share of programmatic monetization for third-party cookies and cookie alternatives for each content category?

    Key Findings:

    1. Weak December Caused by Economic Slowdown
    Consumer spending was down across almost every category*, forcing advertising to significantly reduce investment in comparison to past holiday seasons

    2. Cookie Alternative Revenue Salvaged a Weak Q4
    Even with a soft market, cookie alternative revenue grew across every publisher category in Q4, supporting the publisher opportunity for net-new revenue

    3. Cookie Alternative Spend Surpasses Third-Party Cookie
    Insurance advertisers spent more on inventory without third-party cookies in Q4, with an 18% increase in cookie alternative investment from Q3

    4. Cookie Alternative Impressions Cost Less
    Across all advertising verticals, there was up to a 67% CPM discount for cookie alternative inventory when compared to the third-party cookie inventory purchased


    Download the full report here to see specific performance data, platform buying behaviors, digital ad spend trends, and more. 

    Download to see full list of cookie alternative CPMs

    *US Commerce Department