Partner Spotlight | BidSwitch

BidSwitch, a neutral programmatic infrastructure layer engineered by IPONWEB, is our newest Partner Spotlight!

We spoke with BidSwitch’s Cole Newman, Client Services Director to learn more about their experience in working with 33Across.

BidSwitch’s Cole Newman, Client Services Director

Tell us a little more about who BidSwitch is and your partnership with 33Across

BidSwitch partnered with 33Across in August of 2017. Our platform serves as middleware in the programmatic ecosystem, facilitating one-to-many connections across DSPs and SSPs – including support for the passing of addressability solutions like 33Across’ Lexicon.

Today, 33Across’ Lexicon enables addressability across high-quality and brand-safe desktop display & video inventory via BidSwitch. Lexicon allows demand partners to extend their reach beyond third-party cookies and access unique non-cookied inventory efficiently.


Through BidSwitch, partners are able to access cookieless inventory via the Lexicon’s identity resolution technology. What does the integration of Lexicon look like via BidSwitch?

Implementation was simple. BidSwitch and Lexicon’s technology aligned seamlessly to translate authorized buyer IDs in the bid request. 33Across’ existing relationships with DSPs makes it easy for Lexicon to comprehend audiences and extend the buyer’s reach within BidSwitch.


What are the primary ad formats available to Lexicon buyers through BidSwitch? What is the size and scale of the opportunity outside of third-party cookies?

Currently, 33Across offers desktop display and video across the open web. Since third-party cookies represent half of the available impressions, buyers can double their opportunity for scale and reach once they enable an identity resolution technology.


What are some of the best things about working with 33Across?

The 33Across team is a valued and trusted partner. Their teams are focused on providing innovative solutions and top-notch customer service. As BidSwitch continues to expand our product offerings, 33Across is very supportive of adopting our new technology.


How important is having the ability to tap into the programmatic ecosystem beyond third-party cookies to your partners?

Many of our partners are seeking innovative solutions to meet the demands of a post-cookie environment. We believe our partners should have access to multiple offerings in this area. As a neutral player in the ecosystem, BidSwitch is agnostic to such offerings, but it’s always our goal to provide partners with the support and features needed to achieve their business objectives.


Would you recommend 33Across to other partners looking to unlock non-cookie inventory? If yes, why?

We would suggest the Lexicon solution for any partners looking to access non-cookied inventory and extend their reach. The product is easy to implement and the 33Across team provides exceptional partner service to help buyers reach non-cookied inventory.


Thank you, Cole, for taking the time to chat with us. If you’re a BidSwitch partner and ready to start tapping into unaddressable inventory, reach out to learn how to get started.


By: Lisa Mollura | VP of Marketing at 33Across