How Sell-Side Audience Targeting Will Ace Your Back-to-School Campaigns

As summer break winds down, students, parents, and educators need to gear up for another school year with some back-to-school shopping and planning. This busy back-to-school season represents a prime advertising opportunity across industries like retail, electronics, school/art supplies, sports equipment, tutoring services, health supplements, and more.

Curating the right audience is key to standing out from the crowd and ensuring your back-to-school campaigns resonate. Sell-side audience targeting allows you to reach parents, college-age students, teachers, and educational audiences across premium web and app inventory.

Here are some of the powerful ways sell-side targeting can elevate your back-to-school campaigns:


Target Students by Education Level
With granular segmentation, you can hone in on high school or college students and pair it with tailored creative messaging and product offers for maximum engagement. College students offer a massive opportunity with their needs for dorm essentials, school supplies, storage solutions, and snacks/meals.



Reach Parents of School-Aged Children
From apparel and school supplies to after-school activities and tutors, parents are a crucial back-to-school audience. Sell-side data segmentation captures parents of school-aged children.



Focus on School Subjects and Activities
Need to promote an app that helps with math homework? Or athletic gear for student athletes? With sell-side audiences, you can zero in on areas like art, music, athletics, and more.



Eliminate Wasted Impressions
Focus your campaign budget on relevant back-to-school audiences and avoid wasted spend on consumers who aren’t in a back-to-school mindset. Efficient marketing drives ROI.


Glossary’ Sell-Side Audience Curation Advantage
As the back-to-school window quickly approaches, make sure you power your campaigns with precise sell-side audience curation.

Glossary helps target motivated shoppers for back-to-school campaigns using data-driven targeting and quality inventory. Dedicated strategists optimize campaigns across devices using proprietary audiences segmented by student/parent interests, intent signals, and more, while our media curation ensures COPPA compliance.

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