Increased Ad Viewability and Higher CPMs with Real Display Pro

Today 33Across is excited to announce the launch of our latest technology, Real Display Pro. Deploying viewable standard IAB ads in real-time, Real Display Pro is a cost-effective solution that provides more campaign efficiency.

33Across Launches Real Display Pro to Boost Publisher Revenue, Extend Value of Buyer Campaigns
Improves Standard Ad Units With Real-Time Viewability

Built on 33Across’ proprietary real-time viewability detection technology, Real Display Pro enables buyers viewability of standard IAB ad units at scale across the company’s broad publisher direct inventory. For publishers, it allows them to more effectively fill ad space since higher viewability results in better performance of standard IAB ad inventory.

“Given the importance of validated user traffic and highly viewable supply to our clients, we’ve been partnering with 33Across for more than two years and use the Real Platform to drive performance for our major global brands and agencies,” said John Pedicino, head of media advisory group, MediaMath. “Based on our experience, we’ve found Real Display Pro to be one of the top performers for CTR, CPC and viewability of key performance indicators across desktop and mobile.

“Initial trials of Real Display Pro report a 78 percent viewability increase over standard IAB performance. And since Real Display Pro features a third party verified pre-bid fraud filter, there is added assurance that ad units are seen by actual users, not bots.

“With the launch of Real Display Pro, we’re taking standard IAB inventory to a whole new level,” said Paul Bell, CRO, 33Across. “By bringing a higher level of viewability to a reliable pool of inventory, we not only raise the industry bar for viewability, we’re also providing a much needed layer of transparency.”