33Across Launches Viewable Header Bidding Adaptor

New York: 33Across , the attention technology company, announced on October 16, 2018, the launch of its Viewable Header Bidding adaptor – one of the industry’s first header bidding solutions to surface a real-time viewability signal for every impression. This new adaptor will provide a direct connection between header bidding publishers and AttentionX, 33Across’ new viewable exchange.

The 33Across Viewable Header Bidding adaptor for Prebid is currently available for download for all publishers. Today, many publishers integrate directly with 33Across tag-based solutions, which already contain the company’s viewability detection technology. By bringing this capability to header bidding, 33Across hopes to drive even more scale for its viewable exchange and bring more demand to premium publishers.

“Premium publishers are increasingly leveraging header bidding to drive competition for their unsold inventory,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across. “When we built AttentionX, our viewable exchange, we knew we needed a solution that would allow more intelligent bidding for viewable impressions within the publisher’s header.”

A driving force behind the shift to attention based-buying is that traditional platforms have made it difficult for buyers to correctly value impressions. This means a two-second in-view ad impression is valued the same as a 15-second in-view ad impression. In reality, ads that have a longer time-in-view drive higher engagement, brand lift and conversions.

“It’s critical that publishers are fairly compensated for the quality engagement they deliver.

Today, this isn’t always happening via programmatic channels,” said Nicole Goksel, Senior Director of Digital Revenue Operations at Tribune. “After partnering with 33Across for more than three years, we’re very excited about the potential of their Viewable Header Bidding adapter and AttentionX exchange to bring even more real-time demand for quality, viewable inventory, which we expect will further drive CPMs and overall yield.”

“Many of the publishers we’re speaking with are optimistic that marketers are ultimately willing to pay fair value for quality environments,” said Wheeler. “We’re focused on building technology that makes it easy and scalable for them to do it.”

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