33Across’ Lexicon Identity Solution Sees 15X Year over Year Growth in Daily Cookieless Revenue for Publishers

Since its Debut One Year Ago Lexicon Has Helped Half of the Comscore 50 Publishers Dramatically Increase Their Unaddressable Revenue.

NEW YORK ­— June 14, 202233Across, a publisher technology platform designed for the open web, today announced the proven results of its Lexicon identity solution on its first anniversary.

The vision for Lexicon is to help publishers succeed without cookies and simplify the increasingly complex identity landscape. Lexicon provides publishers with a comprehensive approach to unlock addressability and monetization on the programmatic open while honoring consumer privacy choices.

Today, publishers rely on third-party cookies for the majority of their programmatic revenue, leaving almost half of their inventory from cookieless browsers under-monetized. Lexicon has created an addressable infrastructure that allows demand partners and publishers to continue to transact programmatically without cookies. Since its launch, publisher adoption has grown over 100% and over 10 demand-side platforms have since integrated to target cookieless supply. Publishers can now seamlessly monetize their open-market unaddressable inventory as well as measure their addressable inventory in their 33Across dashboard. Lexicon has proven to help publishers transition away from the cookie and offers publishers tangible results to monetize their unaddressable revenue. Lexicon’s performance metrics are:

  • 15x year over year growth in daily cookieless revenue
  • 2x cookieless supply on the platform in the last six months
  • 300% increase in fill rates and 150% increase in cookieless CPMs
  • DailyMail.com: in Q1 of 2022, 69% of programmatic revenue brought by 33Across to DailyMail.com was cookieless
  • Shinez: in Q4 of 2021, 61% of programmatic revenue brought by 33Across to Shinez was cookieless
  • Factinate: in Q4 of 2021, 73% increase in programmatic cookieless revenue brought by 33Across

“Lexicon’s differentiated technology and operating model is an open web solution that allows publishers to equally monetize their content from any browser at a programmatic scale. Lexicon has proven to be a valuable solution for publishers who are looking to make their inventory addressable and increase monetization while honoring consumer privacy choices,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across. “The future of programmatic without cookies remains a big challenge for publishers and Lexicon has proven to be a game-changing solution for the industry.”

One publisher benefiting directly from 33Across’ identity solution, Lexicon, is The Arena Group, a tech-powered media company that fuses powerful technology and iconic brands including Sports Illustrated. “Lexicon has immediately proven how cookieless inventory can be a major revenue driver for us. The Arena Group has seen a massive improvement in unaddressable revenue with higher fill and CPMs. Unaddressable revenue has become a large part of our monetization strategy with 33Across, helping us seamlessly navigate the complexities of cookieless monetization.” said Megan Hong, Sr. Manager, Partner & Yield Management, The Arena Group.


See the official release here.


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33Across makes the programmatic advertising ecosystem work without cookies, across supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, publishers, data companies, agencies, and everything in between. Leading global advertisers, platforms, and publishers rely on 33Across to move past cookies and reach consumers in a simple, fair, and transparent manner.

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