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Insights: Q2 2023 Cookieless Highlights for Retailers

In 33Across’ Q2 Programmatic Cookie Alternative Trends Report (vol. 4), we analyzed programmatic transactions on the 33Across exchange to gain insight into cookie alternative versus third-party cookie buying trends for buyers and sellers. Retailers have long benefited from programmatic advertising’s ability to activate…

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Cookie Alternative Spend Continues To Grow in Q1

After a challenging Q4 and the usual drop in revenue that the industry sees during the first quarter of the year, we were pleased to see continued growth in cookie alternative investment. During a time when marketers are seeking efficiency while trying to reach new audiences, unaddressable inventory checks many of these…

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Cookies Have Extended Their Stay Until 2024, but What About Today’s Unaddressable Inventory?

Today, the majority of programmatic revenue runs on third-party cookies, leaving almost half of a publisher’s inventory under-monetized. Looking ahead to Google’s plan to phase out third-party cookies in 2023, the problem will only get worse. With over 40 registered ID Modules in Prebid and 80-plus IDs in-market to choose from, publishers have…

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