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Partner Spotlight | Factinate

Factinate, a website dedicated to finding and sharing interesting facts about science, history, animals, film, people, and much more, is our newest Partner Spotlight! Since deploying 33Across’ Lexicon solution, they have seen a significant boost in cookieless revenue. In this Partner Spotlight edition, you’ll get to see…

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Partner Spotlight |

We are excited to introduce our newest series, Partner Spotlight, where we highlight our wonderful partners and how we’ve helped them to armor up for the cookieless world. This edition of Partner Spotlight features, one of the world’s largest English-speaking newspaper websites with more than 185m global unique browsers….

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A 2021 Pep Talk for Publishers

Now that we ended the rollercoaster year of 2020, it’s time for publishers to brush the dirt off and take a hard look in the mirror and repeat: This is your year. It’s time to be in control. You’ve got your own first-party data which is worth its weight in gold, now you just need…

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Making the Most of the Small Screen

In 2017, mobile internet traffic accounted for over 52% of total global online traffic. The mobile world we live in results in the majority of users accessing the internet on smaller screens instead of traditional desktop screens. With initiatives like the Better Ads Coalition, we have to start…

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