Addressable Infrastructure for the Open Web​

Technology that keeps the open web free for consumers and profitable for content creators​

Our Name

The toughest crossword puzzles can be solved once you decipher the large horizontal word in the middle. Usually, these are often located around 33 across. 33Across unlocks the puzzle of addressability.

The Lexicon Story

We set out to build a browser-agnostic solution that would power the open web and help publishers monetize all of their content. Lexicon allows the internet to operate the way it was always intended; engaging and respectful to consumers while effective for publishers and advertisers.

What's a Lexicon?

In the most simple terms, a lexicon is the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge. We believe that in order to support the open internet, the digital advertising industry needs a browser-agnostic lexicon to fairly target, transact, and measure that falls within the bounds of privacy. 33Across Lexicon creates the first addressable infrastructure for the programmatic ecosystem that’s interoperable, agile, and more efficient than the cookie.

Our People