How Lexicon Increases Buying Power for DSPs

Lexicon Case Study

The Opportunity

In an effort to improve performance and increase their clients’ working media budgets, a leading DSP needed to expand their buying strategy beyond third-party cookies. With a focus on targeting only “known users” the DSP invested over 90% of its programmatic budget on cookied inventory. To improve efficiency, the DSP began testing alternative IDs, however, a major hurdle the bidder faced when assessing test results was that the output often did not match, much less surpass the significant investment in engineering resources and time. The buyer turned to 33Across’ Lexicon to help them seamlessly target and measure quality users in cookieless environments at programmatic scale. 

The Solution: Lexicon™

33Across’ Lexicon is a browser-agnostic solution that helps buyers engage with customers while respecting their privacy. Lexicon seamlessly resolves identity signals for programmatic buyers, making cookieless buying on the open web simple and efficient. Using Lexicon, participating DSPs resolve nearly 90% of a  publisher’s traffic to their own ID. 

The Results

Within 7 days of activating Lexicon, a leading DSP saw their non-cookied inventory account for half of their programmatic spend, reaching as high as 80% during the first 30 days. Campaign efficiency fueled the DSP’s quick ramp up as cookieless inventory yielded higher win rates than cookied inventory, lower CPMs, and opened up new pools of inventory for advertisers. Since unaddressable users are a fraction of the costs incurred from cookied inventory,  overall campaign performance increased significantly.



    Cookieless as Share of Spend

    Win Rate on Submitted Bids

    *Cookie 5% vs. Cookieless 22%

    Daily Cookieless Spend Growth

    *On Eligible Supply

    Average CPMs
    *Cookieless $0.54 vs. Cookie $1.41

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