Built for Attention

Boost the impact and efficiency of your campaign with the first exchange built for attention.
Breakthrough Attention Technology
Better Viewability, Longer Time-In-View, and Deeper Engagement







*1 VS 48.6% MOAT Benchmark  2 MOAT Verified

Optimized for Attention to maximize viewability, time-in-view, and cross-device performance

In-View Ads

Real-time viewability detection
Real-time detection delivers reliable viewability without a PMP

Impact Ads

Impact formats remain in-view
Scalable, rich media-like formats with an average time-in-view of 25 seconds

TIV Bidding

Buying based on time-in-view
Bid across specific time-based increments on a CPM basis

Premium Global Supply
Publisher Partnerships

Direct partnerships with 1,500 publishers, including S2S and Header Bidding integrations

Platform Partnerships

Connections to more than 100 platforms across the programmatic ecosystem including leading all DSPs and DMPs

Industry Partnerships

Proactive partnerships with leading industry organizations dedicated to quality supply

Unique Real-Time Data
Tap into more than 500 segments or build your own




Monthly Users


Intent & Interest Signals

Attention-Powered Audiences combine interest, sharing, and engagement data
Buying on AttentionX
Use the buying platform of your choice. We’re the first to offer the efficiency of a viewable-only open exchange and a private marketplace with attention-based bidding that’s easy to test and optimize.
Open vs Private
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