Friday Fives: Our VP of Sales Juliana Lupinacci on Deal IDs, Trade Desks, and Drinks with Celebs

Welcome to Friday Fives! Today we’re chatting with our VP of Sales, Juliana Lupinacci. She’s spilling the deets on deal IDs, the next big thing coming to programmatic, and which celeb should pour the perfect glass of cabernet for.

What’s the biggest misconception brands have about deal IDs?
One of the biggest misconceptions about deal IDs is that they are not as complex as they actually are. Deal IDs are pipes that connect buyers to a specific supply, giving suppliers more visibility into buyer activity. This type of intelligence allows teams to prioritize, incentivize, and curate bid requests. These types of accommodations on the supply side alleviate a ton of lift for the programmatic buyer.

What do you think the next “big thing” in programmatic buying will be?
I would love to see an elevated form of native advertising offered programmatically. I started my career at (New York Post) selling custom site takeovers. Within this role I spent a lot of time with talented graphic designers whose goal was always to promote brands across web pages without disrupting the editorial balance. While this was indeed a challenge, the end product was something to be proud of. I’m excited about finding a middle
ground where the customization element is more standardized and the buying element is a bit more predictable.

How can brands and clients work more strategically with trade desks and agencies?
Brands can work more strategically with trade desks and agencies by learning, inquiring, exploring, and experimenting with their agencies and trade desk. Working closely with many of the trading desks I can honestly say significant advances and new opportunities surface every day.

Aside from transparency and viewability, what additional metrics should buyers prioritize?
Buyers should implement a “value” KPI. Targeting real users with high impact units delivered in quality placements will produce a strong a ROI. Unfortunately many brands will want this targeted approach while offering a relatively low CPM. Brands should invest more spend in programmatic campaigns as it can offer an unmatched level of cost efficiency. If a programmatic platform can address a brand’s core digital advertising needs, it’s reasonable for the CPM to warrant a premium – even if this is procured programmatically.

If you were to make drink for your favorite celebrity, who’s the celebrity and what are you making?
I make a mean glass of wine. If I had the privilege of indulging a celeb with my mixology talents, I think I’d pass a glass of Cab’ to Ellen DeGeneres who I admire for her perfect blend of kindness and hilarity.