Block MFA Sites and Increase Performance

The ANA study revealed a $20B waste in programmatic ad spend with 21% of impressions and 15% of spend on low-quality, content-lacking “made for advertising” sites risking brand safety. However, new tech and data intel enable combating this issue.

Glossary’s powerful MFA site mitigation strategies help advertisers avoid wasted ad spend. Our rigorous vetting processes, dynamic blocklists, and intelligent bidding algorithms will steer your campaigns clear of low-quality sources. Simply send us your deal requirements and we’ll curate sell-side audiences powered by premium publishers’ data and insights.

How Glossary Combats MFA Sites

Rigorous Vetting Process

Examines publishers through both automated evaluations, and manual reviews to ensure content quality standards.

Maintains a Dynamic Blocklist

Continuously applying blocklists identified via our Jounce partnership to prevent ads from being placed on MFA sites.

Real-Time Bidding Strategies

Integrates your MFA site blocklist and supply quality insights into real-time bidding systems to dynamically adjust bidding strategies away from subpar inventory.


Ready to maximize your ad spend towards premium inventory? Implement Glossary‘s powerful MFA site mitigation solutions.

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