Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe: Tightening the ad tech ecosystem

Publishers, buyers, and ad tech partners gathered earlier this week in Dublin for Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe. Throughout the three-day event, both publishers and marketers took deep dives into the challenges surrounding the automated ad buying process. Below are a few of my takeaways.

Header bidding has options
From wrappers to pre-bid header bidding, the solution is still evolving. The latest developments are occurring with server-side based connections; one tag can now host all the calls of third party SSPs. In theory this should reduce page latency and offer more control around switching demand partners on and off. Header bidding also seems to help open marketplace yields, it is still being determined if the the tool can assist with advertiser-direct relationships. With numerous variations of header bidding available, its important for buyers to make the best decision for their business.

Single IDs can help publishers and ad tech
Non-profit initiatives such as DigiTrust, a co-op between media owners to establish a single ID per user for all sites, could improve the overall ad tech ecosystem. A single ID per user could drive more online advertising efficiency by reducing the audience loss that typically happens when multiple IDs are matched. Single IDs will enhance data-driven marketing by allowing buyers to make more informed decisions.

Marketers are taking back control
Brands want granular insights on all levels of trading. Transparency within programmatic is quickly steering away from being an added value option, it will become the standard in the near future. A number of brands are taking control of the sales funnel and some are even investing in moving their trading desks in-house. This type of planning has increased speculation about the role an agency will have in years to come.

In addition to the conference my team and I had an amazing time in Dublin. We hosted an event at The Guinness Storehouse where we learned how to pour pints while taking in amazing views. Check out a few photos below:

Guinness Collage.png