Friday Fives: Kaitlin Griffin Talks Teamwork, Maintaining Confidence, and Her New Passion Project

Summer may be over, but we’re keeping the good times rolling with our Friday Fives. For this edition we’re featuring Kaitlin Griffin, an Account Executive on our Sales team. Having been with 33Across for over 3 years, she works closely with 33Across’ agency clients. Check out Kaitlin as she describes the top things that agencies are looking for and the role data will play in the future.

What are the top three things that brands and agencies are currently looking for from ad tech companies? How do you think 33Across stacks up to these?
Transparency, cost efficiency, and viewability. 33Across definitely checks those boxes and the proof is in our list of blue chip brands who are currently accessing our inventory and the strong partnerships our team has fostered with DSPs.

Working in Sales can be challenging, how do you maintain your confidence?
The level of camaraderie within our Sales team is unparalleled to any other team I have ever worked on. We hold pow-wows to see where we can help each other and chat casually about obstacles and solutions. Sales can be a pretty tough profession, determination and breathing exercises help me maintain focus.
A good Super Woman pose 
before a big meeting also goes a long way.

Viewability is a hot “sell card.” What do you think the next big metric within ad tech will be?
There are so many variables that go into measuring an ad’s effectiveness.  Viewability was a launching pad and going forward I think we’ll see time in-view become more of a standard.  When you combine high viewability and longer in-view times the performance of a campaign is better positioned for success.

What new skills have you learned working being in programmatic advertising?
That’s a tough one, I’m always learning new things. The only constant in this industry is that things are always changing.  In addition to the technical learnings about how SSPs and DSPs work, I have honed my consultative skills.  Careful listening of a client’s ask, interpreting what that means, and how we can service that ask in the most efficient way possible.

What role do you think that data will play in the future of programmatic advertising? 
Data has always been a pertinent topic in and of itself but it’s becoming more significant within the programmatic space.  While ensuring your ads are viewable and serving within a brand safe environment, your targeting should be just as secure.  Ensuring that data is coming from real, trusted sources and scrubbed for fraud is just as important.

What’s something interesting about you that no one would know?
Most people don’t know that my husband and I bought a bar in July, The Shillelagh Tavern in Astoria, Queens.  It’s been really fun, granted my husband does most of the hard work and handles the day-to-day but I’d like to think I pour a pretty decent Guinness.