What You Need to Know About Engagement Data Signals

For the first time in the industry, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a set of engagement data signals to our Data Firehose product. Marketers now have access to specific indicators that demonstrate how users engage and react to page environments. A more comprehensive look into how consumers interact with content, page interactions such as scroll, taps, and clicks can signal a strong affinity to the page.

But first, what is engagement and why should you measure it?

When we talk about online engagement we’re referring to how involved a user may be on a particular webpage. When determining a consumer’s level of engagement, look at how often they come to a page, if they are scrolling, how they interact on the page, are they tapping, swiping, or zooming in on the content, and are they engaging with any paid media? Take a look at the frequency and intensity of their site interactions gives you a more reliable behavioral measurement. Understanding engagement helps us understand how a user values the content and media on a page and gives a richer sense of user scanning and reading patterns.

How engagement signals may indicate page relevance

Deeper insights into how your audience interacts within the page allow you to paint a fuller picture of on-page consumer behaviors. With robust engagement signals, you have the ability to see which area on-page has the most activity, and not only the relevancy of topics but the small nuances that resonate with consumers. Actionable insights allow marketers to expand the conversation or change their focus.

Not only does engagement reveal the depth and volume of usage but it also reveals whether actions like time-in-view, scrolling, activity, and traffic sources have an effect on media performance.

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