How to Scale with Alternative Identifiers

33Across & APS Webinar - How to Scale With Alternative Identifiers


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for publishers. As the industry grapples with the challenges of cookie deprecation, the need for alternative identifiers becomes increasingly apparent. In a recent webinar led by Jim Asip, Senior Sales Specialist at Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Connections Marketplace, and Paul Bell, President of 33Across, they discussed how publishers can scale with alternative identifiers, key industry insights, and the unique features and benefits of Lexicon.

The State of the Market: Understanding the Cookieless Landscape

Nearly half of the open web is already cookieless, with Safari being a major contributor. The shift towards a cookieless future necessitates exploring alternative identifiers to ensure publishers can continue to target, measure, and optimize their ad campaigns effectively once third-party cookies expire. As a benefit of 33Across having its own exchange, Bell could share macro-level insights on the cookieless breakdown across all browsers and exhibited that it’s not solely a Safari problem as 14% of Chrome’s traffic is cookieless.

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Diverse Identity Solutions: Navigating the Pyramid

Bell reviewed the various types of identity solutions available to publishers. The pyramid of solutions ranges from authenticated solutions (e.g. logged-in users) to first-party (e.g. publisher audiences), probabilistic alternatives (e.g. modeled), and contextual. The importance of testing multiple solutions was also stressed.

33Across The Pyramid of Identity

Lexicon: The Core of Addressable Infrastructure

One of APS Connections Marketplace’s newest identity solutions is 33Across’ Lexicon. Unlike other alternative identifiers, Lexicon sets itself apart by not being just another ID. It operates as an identity resolution technology, designed to function similarly to a third-party cookie. The crucial distinction lies in Lexicon not being an ID itself; instead, it translates unaddressable and cookieless browsers to the buyer’s own ID.

APS publishers can activate Lexicon directly in the Connections Marketplace and begin monetizing their open market cookieless inventory across existing supply-side platforms. If you haven’t already started working with the APS team and are interested in learning more, click here.

The webinar shed light on the urgency for publishers to adopt alternative identifiers in the face of cookie deprecation. As publishers navigate this transformative period, testing and implementing various identity solutions are crucial. The ease of activating Lexicon on the APS Connections Marketplace, combined with the performance metrics shared during the webinar, positions Lexicon as a compelling choice for publishers seeking a seamless transition to a cookieless future.


By: Lisa Mollura | CMO at 33Across