33Across Hackathon – Unlocking Innovation for 2024

33Across hosted its 8th all-company hackathon this week. The spirit of the 33Across Hackathon is to bring together cross-functional teams to create innovative hacks as well as foster community among our fully remote workforce. This year we had 78% employee participation with teams from 8 different time zones working together over 2 days. To create well-rounded hacks, 33Across teams include members from account management, operations, sales, and marketing in addition to engineers. Bringing together different skill-sets and business functions allows for more creativity.

The judges challenged the hackers to come up with innovative solutions aligned with the company’s priorities. Teams needed to clearly articulate in 10 minutes how their hacks met business objectives, show a working demo, and answer questions from the judges. In addition to first and second place, employees voted on a People’s Choice award. Picking the winning hack was no easy feat.


Overall Hackathon Winner

OWLS: Sergei, Dmitriy, Lile, Denis, John, and Amey
Hack: An adaptive tool for matching supply with demand that results in an increase in bid activity from demand and revenue for our publishers.


2nd Place

KlassyCATs: Kapil, Leo, Matt, Muralikrishna, Phil, and Raju
Hack: A new generation URL categorization tool powered by Generative AI.

People’s Choice

LexPulse: Yosimir, Pete, Anthony, Eugene, Lauren, and Paggie
Hack: An internal support chat tool for troubleshooting, FAQs and to help answer tech-related questions, that uses AI to summarize the answers.