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As we near the election, publishers and buyers should continue to be on heightened alert for dis-information and hate speech. Be sure to work with partners that take proactive steps to protect their brands and business.

Recently, there were some questions about Breitbart.com and RT.com in connection with 33Across. We do not work with Breitbart.com nor RT.com and we do not accept their business from our supply partners. Working with reputable publishers is critical to our business and beyond our blocklist, we have separate proprietary controls that prevent impressions from blocked domains from reaching our exchange.

We have reached out to our supply partners and the sites who list the 33Across Ads.txt line on either Breitbart.com and RT.com to have them removed. Sadly, anyone can copy an ads.txt listing and drop it into their own ads.txt file to try to make their demand and partner relationships look more reputable. Moving to sellers.json is a much better authorization model for the industry.

We urge you to stay vigilant and please message us at hello[at]33across[dot]com if you see anything suspicious and we’ll investigate it promptly.