Monetize Mobile Web Traffic Programmatically

We’re excited to announce the addition of Mobile In-Feed placements to our outstream suite of video products. With the addition of this in-article mobile placement, 33Across publishers can now monetize the mobile web at programmatic scale. With mobile video slated to outpace desktop and reach $6.82 billion in digital ad spend by 2019, we’re excited to introduce this product to help our publishers monetize such a highly demanded inventory source.

In addition to our other cross-device video outstream products, the Mobile In-Feed placement takes both how users view mobile web content and how to monetize web traffic at scale into consideration.

The beauty of the placement:

  1. Will only automatically play once a user is within a minimum of 50% of the creative display area
  2. Responds to to any mobile device and user action by automatically resizing to fit the screen’s width in portrait and landscape views
  3. User controls their experience; ability to initialize play, pause, resume, and close to return to the content’s normal state
  4. 100% programmatic demand source help earn more incremental revenue without canibalizing direct sales effort

Ready to monetize the mobile web? Contact us to get started.