33Across Announces Results of Identity Resolution Partnership with Underdog Media

Through 33Across’ Lexicon Identity Solution, Underdog Media Increased Revenue from Unaddressable Traffic by 194%

NEW YORK – August 2, 2023 – 33Across, an identity solution and platform designed for the Open Web, today unveiled the outcome of their strategic partnership with Underdog Media, an innovative ad monetization company serving 100% viewable ad units. By leveraging 33Across’ Lexicon, Underdog Media successfully increased revenue, bid rates, and traffic.

Underdog Media’s Challenge with Unaddressable Inventory

Underdog Media offers 100% viewable owned and operated unique ad units. Their proprietary solution, EDGE by UDM, run across desktop and mobile driving high-impact viewability, engagement and revenue for publishers and advertisers. The challenge that Underdog Media faced was 35% of its supply lacking third-party cookies, hindering advertisers from effectively targeting inventory across the open web.

Immediate Increase in Underdog Media’s Cookie Alternative Revenue

To help monetize their unaddressable inventory, Underdog Media turned to Lexicon from 33Across to seamlessly monetize their unaddressable inventory across existing supply-side platforms. Lexicon makes cookie-alternative buying on the open web simple and efficient by seamlessly connecting multiple partner identifiers together across authenticated and unauthenticated traffic.

We’ve been looking for a solution to monetize unaddressable traffic.
The impact we witnessed from our buyers utilizing 33Across’ Lexicon was remarkable.

— Barbara Jennings, VP of Operations at Underdog Media

The partnership proved successful and within just one week of implementation, cookie alternative revenue from unaddressable traffic skyrocketed by 50%, accompanied by a 30% raise in bid rates. After two weeks, Underdog Media experienced an impressive 194% surge in revenue from unaddressable traffic, with approximately 82% of this revenue originating from Safari traffic. Furthermore, win rates saw an increase of 140% for Lexicon-enabled traffic, surpassing the performance of third-party cookies. To read about how Lexicon improved Underdog Media’s cookieless performance, please see the full case study.

“We’ve been looking for a solution to monetize unaddressable traffic. The impact we witnessed from our buyers utilizing 33Across’ Lexicon was remarkable,” said Barbara Jennings, VP of Operations at Underdog Media. “Historically, we haven’t seen such a distinct change when implementing a new identity module; we are delighted and impressed by 33Across.”

“We are extremely proud of the incredible results Underdog Media saw within just two weeks. Monetizing their unaddressable inventory through Lexicon’s ability to seamlessly transform cookieless inventory into truly incremental revenue has been impressive,” said Paul Bell, President of 33Across.

Announced in June 2021, Lexicon was created to help equip publishers with a supply-first solution to balance privacy and monetization for the open web before Google’s removal of third-party cookies in 2024. 33Across’ Lexicon immediately makes 90% of a publisher’s cookieless inventory addressable, allowing buyers to recognize and bid on quality inventory at a programmatic scale. Publishers gain more browser independence when they have more opportunities to monetize their full supply and curate audiences within the bounds of privacy.


See the official release here.


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