Monetization in a new paradigm of media consumption

Changes in media consumption could impact your revenue

To say that the past few weeks have been stressful between constant alerts surrounding COVID-19, the stock market’s turmoil, and political uncertainty, is an understatement. As society adjusts to social distancing through work at home and increasing government isolation mandates, media consumption has gone through the roof as people look for information and ways to connect with the outside world. However, as web traffic continues to increase at a pace that does not match demand, publishers need to prepare for this new shift in media consumption.

Changing consumer habits

With most companies adopting work from home policies, not only are we seeing more media consumption throughout the day on our platform, there has been an increase in desktop usage. With an always-on news cycle, dayparting is now an all-day strategy. Though this increase in media usage is a gift for the short term, eMarketer predicts that media spend will decrease in the face of a recession.

Here are a few ways that publishers can optimize during this time of high media consumption:

1. Maximize revenue options

Create seamless revenue streams to maximize yield through tag-based, header bidding, or server-to-server integrations. 33Across offers many ways for you to capture incremental revenue. If you’re unsure of what’s the best way to optimize your inventory, consult with your 33Across representative to review what are the best options for your revenue goals.

If you currently use Prebid for header bidding, make sure that you upgrade to Prebid (2.44.5+, or 3.5.0+) to meet leading DSPs requirements.

2. Review Formats

Take a look at device consumption in the past 2 weeks. Are you seeing behavioral shifts with audiences moving to desktop? This is a good time to assess devices and formats to get you maximum performance. Take a look at the suite of 33Across Impact Ads to see which options are right for your site to drive higher CPMs and performance. If you’re just beginning to expand beyond standard IAB, check out this blog post on how to capture more revenue with high impact ads.

3. Ads.txt

We can’t stress this enough, make sure your Ads.txt file is up to date. More and more demand partners are requesting inventory with ads.txt enabled. This small task could earn you a significant increase in revenue.

Need more advice? Contact your 33Across representative for expert advice on how you can implement a revenue program that’s right for you.

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