Optimize Cookieless Monetization this Q4

Q4 is fully underway, and publishers shouldn’t miss out on the huge revenue potential that this quarter brings. This year, eMarketer predicts retail digital ad spend to increase by approximately 23%, with most of this spend occurring during the holidays. In addition to holiday spend surrounding Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, publishers will see a boost around the mid-term U.S. elections and the World Cup. 

We share the tips and tricks publishers need to follow so that they get the most out of their cookieless inventory during this season:


Top Cookieless Monetization Tips for this Q4 (and Beyond):

1. Make sure to send unmatched inventory
Programmatic has long relied on cookies. As a result, platforms default to allow ‘matched inventory’.  In order to monetize outside of third-party cookies, it’s important for publishers to check their settings and send unmatched inventory. This will allow unmatched users to enter the bidstream, saving hours of troubleshooting.  

2. Keep your ads.txt file up to date
Keeping your ads.txt file up to date is vital for receiving more advertiser spend, buyer verification, and more.  Our Director of Yield Operations, Charles Eggleston, shares more on the importance of keeping your ads.txt file up to date and best practices. If you are a 33Across partner, you can update your ads.txt file here.

3. Increase viewability
Increasing viewability tends to earn higher CPMs for both cookied and non-cookied inventory. 

4. Onboard cookieless inventory strategically
When it comes to ramping up cookieless inventory, it’s best to do two things – start slow and go low. Starting slow enables you to send cookieless inventory in batches, which helps identify and address any issues quickly and efficiently, should they arise. Setting your CPM floors low will encourage more incremental revenue opportunities. Setting it and forgetting it may seem like the easiest and most straightforward thing to do, but you’ll disqualify yourself from potential revenue this way.

Pro tip: If you want to monetize your cookieless supply across multiple platforms, then look no further than the 33Across User ID Module.

5. Don’t disregard cookieless reseller lines
Cookieless traffic benefits greatly from reseller lines, so it’s important for publishers to not disregard them. 80% of Lexicon’s demand is provided via our reseller lines which enables publishers to experience greater monetization that they would otherwise miss out on.



We are confident that the above steps will help publishers optimize and increase their cookieless monetization this Q4. 

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