How to Monetize Beyond Third-Party Cookies

Lexicon immediately makes your inventory addressable, but did you know that there are ways to take your cookieless monetization to the next level?

Below you will find essential tips and tricks that we’ve learned from our power users to help you get the most out of cookieless inventory and maximize your revenue potential. Furthermore, learn how 33Across supports its clients throughout the entire process.

Top Tips for Cookieless Monetization:

Check your settings
Since traditional programmatic advertising has relied on cookies, platforms defaulted to only allow ‘matched inventory’. To monetize outside of third-party cookies, making sure you send unmatched inventory will save you hours of troubleshooting. Check your settings to allow unmatched users into the bidstream.

Follow industry best practices for all inventory

  • Be sure your ads.txt files are up to date: This is a common pain point where publishers could miss out on revenue opportunities from demand. By keeping your ads.txt files up to date, you are more likely to have increased revenue. If you are a 33Across partner, you can update your ads.txt file here.
  • Increase viewability: Whether you’re monetizing third-party cookies or cookieless inventory, increasing viewability tends to earn higher CPMs. The top-performing format for non-cookied supply that we’ve seen is the in-view display units.

Start with a slow and low ramp-up

  • Start slow: It is best to start slow with onboarding cookieless inventory. Sending in batches helps identify potential issues which can be handled quickly and easily.
  • Go low: This will probably be the only time we’ll tell you to lower the bar, but setting your CPM floors low will open up more monetization opportunities. Doing so does not mean that you are underselling yourself – you are actually creating more incremental revenue opportunities. Don’t disqualify yourself from any potential revenue by setting it and forgetting it.

Pro tip: Implement the 33Across User ID Module to monetize your cookieless supply across multiple platforms.

Analyze performance

After setting up Lexicon, take advantage of the 33Across dashboard. Unique to 33Across, you get full viewability of cookied vs. non-cookied performance. This allows clients to gain insight of the revenue impact from Lexicon.


Don’t hesitate to communicate with your team. This way, issues can be resolved swiftly. If you’re a 33Across partner, you can take advantage of our Quarterly Business Reviews or bi-weekly check-ins, but don’t feel as though you have to wait for one of these meetings to bring up any issues you may be having – you can flag them any time and our team will review and get back to you as soon as possible. 

With many identity solution options out there, you may be wondering which one is the right fit for you. At 33Across, we pride ourselves on not only the excellent results our clients have seen from using Lexicon, but our wonderful team of experts. 


Why 33Across?

  • We assist publishers throughout each stage of implementation.
  • We provide a tailored cookieless monetization strategy.
  • Our dashboard feature gives publishers full transparency.
  • You can monetize cookieless inventory across existing supply partners with our User ID Module.


33Across is here to help you make your cookieless inventory addressable and monetize it, both today and when third-party cookies phase out. Get started with Lexicon today.