The Single Biggest Thing Advertisers Need to Do this Q4

Q4 is undoubtedly the biggest programmatic revenue driver of the year. With back to back holidays comes increased consumer spending, and advertisers need to prepare themselves accordingly for what’s to come in 2022 as The Nation Retail Federation expects retail spending to increase between 6%-8%. However, along with anticipated retail growth, the industry faces high levels of inflation, international tension, and the continued effects of COVID-19.

If you’re an advertiser, you need to rethink your strategy of how to break through the noise and rise above your competitors during such an integral time. Although there are many ways to drive results this Q4, the biggest thing advertisers need to do is include cookieless audiences in their programmatic plan.


3 Reasons Why Advertisers Need to Include Cookieless Audiences this Q4:

  • Reach new customers: Approximately 50% of the open web is cookieless. It’s difficult to reach new customers and drive increased revenue if you’re only focusing your time and effort towards existing and/or cookied users. Including cookieless inventory in your Q4 programmatic plan will allow you to double your audience pool.   
  • Cost-effective and efficient budget: On top of reaching audiences in browser-agnostic environments, cookieless impressions cost a fraction of their cookied counterparts. With less competition, advertisers achieve higher win rates at significantly lower CPMs, which increases campaign efficiency.
  • Easy to test:  While you may be a little apprehensive to try something new (especially during one of the busiest times of the year), there’s minimal risk associated with including cookieless audiences in your action plan. Additionally, it’s easy to get started and low in cost. The result? You obtain new customers without increasing your budget, leaving more wiggle room to test cookied vs. cookieless performance.


Aside from capturing your own ‘holiday deal’ for your Q4 campaigns, it’s invaluable to track and monitor how cookied vs. cookieless tactics perform, not only to optimize campaign performance and revenue today, but to prepare for when third-party cookies are no longer available in 2024.

Advertisers have nothing to lose by including cookieless audiences in their Q4 plan. In fact, they have much to gain since it’s highly likely that they’ll be getting in front of their target audience with less competition. If you’ve got questions on how to get started, reach out to our team.


About 33Across

33Across makes the programmatic advertising ecosystem work without cookies across supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, publishers, data companies, agencies, and everything in between with its identity solution, Lexicon. Leading global advertisers, platforms, and publishers rely on 33Across to move past cookies and reach consumers in a simple, fair, and transparent manner.


Cookieless Results: Lexicon

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By: Brian Morris | Vice President, Channel Development at 33Across